About me

I’ve been working as a software engineer since 2008 (last year in high school), although I started doing that full-time second year in college.

After 7 years in the industry I still enjoy every bit of it. I am mostly drown to distributed computing and large scale problems. In terms of language… it is merely a tool. I was in love with C# for quite a while, but Java 8 and more recently Java 11 has made me switch sides; our relationship though remains purely professional and I might say the only language that is currently seducing me is Go.

Since 2017 I’ve been at VMware as a Sr. Software Engineer, working on private, public and occasionally – hybrid cloud. I am enjoying my time in CoE, one of the youngest departments in VMware Bulgaria, where we nurture a startup culture combined with the corporate know-how and stability… and resources.

Now I work mostly with Java and JavaScript (and Confluence doing software architecture, now that I think of it), but prior to that I was a .NET developer for a good 5 years.

And I love coffee, if you are wondering for the picture.

If you want to get in touch РLinkedIn would be my preference.