About me

I am a software engineer at Vay, leading the development of a Golang-based distributed system that integrates with a deep tech stack to power the company’s driverless mobility business. Prior to joining Vay, I was developing the highly scalable invoicing system at Uber. Before that I was at VMware, where I had the chance to partner with huge enterprise customers on building private cloud solutions and magical developer experience.

Over the last 12+ years I’ve been working with different programming languages and technologies, ranging from C#, to Objective-C on iOS, to Java, JavaScript and Python.

I believe in engineering done right: in deliberate architecture design and well-crafted code focused on solving the customer’s problems. In my teams I always nurture thorough code review practices (which is fundamental for sharing know-how and keeping a high quality bar) as well as good unit test suites to enable safe refactoring and cleaner code organization.

I also teach C++ and OOP in my alma mater – New Bulgarian University.

If you want to get in touch – LinkedIn would be my preference.